Better Patient Experiences.

Patient Management for Physical Therapy practices.

Hability automates personalized patient follow-up so that you can retain more patients, generate new referals, and grow your business.

Organized and Automated Patient Follow-up.

Patient Relationship Management from Hability helps your practice retain more patients, generate new referrals, and grow your business.

All your follow-up in one place.


Deliver personalized email communication that's more effective than newsletters.

Text Message

Automate follow-up over SMS and reach more of your patients the way they prefer.


Keep your patient recalls nice and organized. No more post-it notes.

Better communication, more revenue.

Patients who feel connected to their provider are nearly twice as likely to report a great experience of care.

Hability makes individualized patient communication possible and grows your revenue by:

  • Reducing drop-out patients by 30%
  • Preventing missed appointments and costly cancellations
  • "Reactivating" your discharged patients to new courses of care

Communication on your terms.

Using Hability to follow-up with your patients via phone, text, and email makes staying in touch throughout treatment a breeze.

Connect with patients anywhere you want - your personal phone number and email are always kept private, and no patient data is ever stored on any of your devices.

"It's amazing how much more information I get now, and how much more responsibility my patients take for their own care when they are not in my office. Hability provides my clinic with the fastest way to reach my customers and keeps me front of mind for new referrals."

Michelle Wolpov, PT, ATC
Owner, Game Shape PT

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