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Hability is the patient relationship management solution
for Physical Therapy, designed to help you
strengthen your relationship with your patients.

Hability: strengthening communication between patients and doctor

The Parts of Hability:

Consistent and efficient patient communication.

Hability: strengthening communication between patients and doctor

Configurable Message Schedule

Create one or more communication plans for your patients, and Hability automatically follows-up with each patient during and after their course of care. Each message is completely configurable, ensuring scheduled messages reflect your voice and your clinic's brand. And once you set it up, it runs on its own, saving you time to do what you want: PT.

Hability: strengthening communication between patients and doctor

Communication the Way Patients Expect

By facilitating communication over email and SMS (text messaging), Hability helps you stay in touch with patients wherever they are and however they prefer. Hability's automated messages help start and maintain conversations with each patient, integrating automated and personal messages to create a single, unified, consistent conversation.

Hability: strengthening communication between patients and doctor

Prioritized and Streamlined Alerts

Hability uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to alert you to important messages received from your patients, allowing you to focus on the patients who truly need your attention. Configurable email digests help you communicate with your patients on your schedule, and the streamlined dashboard makes it easy to respond to patients individually.

Turn individual visits into a coherent recovery process.

By facilitating communication between visits and after discharge, Hability helps your patients see every visit as part of a complete course of care, and each course of care as part of a lifelong relationship with your clinic.

Messaging during care helps you gain insight into any difficulties your patients are experiencing in their rehabilitation, and allows you to provide additional guidance as necessary, improving your patients' overall experience of care.

Communication after care helps maintain a relationship with each patient, allowing you to address each patients' needs for therapy in the future, keeping your practice at the top of your patients' minds, and helping them serve as a powerful source of referrals.

Hability: strengthening communication between patients and doctor

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For a few dollars per patient, Hability can help your practice boost revenues by:

  • reducing no-shows,
  • increasing direct access, and
  • improving reviews.

Learn how Hability can work with your practice, and get started using Hability today.

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